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Selection and application of eccentric butterfly valve in water treatment The advantages of eccentric butterfly valves and other butterfly valves are very prominent, so they are widely used in all aspects of life and work to meet various requirements. Moreover, with the continuous development of eccentric butterfly valve technology, its used space is also more and more extensive. The double eccentric butterfly valve opens and closes quickly, and has strong control over the fluid.Therefore, a large-diameter valve is more suitable. The correct selection of the size and type of the butterfly valve can work more effectively.

Application of double eccentric butterfly valve The double eccentric butterfly valve adopts an eccentric structure design. The main structure of the valve is composed of valve body, disc, seat, stem and actuator. The seat adopts a detachable structure, and according to the physical and chemical properties of different medium, the corresponding corrosion-resistant, light-resistant, and aging-resistant materials can be selected. It can be widely used in water supply and drainage, sewage, construction, air conditioning, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine. It is used as a regulating and intercepting device on fluid pipelines. The double eccentric butterfly valve usually uses rubber material as its sealing seat, and can also use metal sealing seat to expand its application in the high temperature field. However, the seal of the double eccentric butterfly valve with metal sealing seat is still a positional sealing structure, that is, the sealing surface of disc and the valve seat is in line contact, so it cannot withstand high pressure. Therefore, double eccentric butterfly valves with metal seat should be avoided as much as possible in high-pressure or tight shut-off systems

Comparison chart of eccentric structure As the crystallization of the latest technology of valves, eccentric butterfly valves are more and more valued by users and designers. The large-diameter double eccentric butterfly valve required in water plants and municipal drainage pipelines can reach DN3000, and can be used for various connection methods such as wafer, lug, flange,weld, and various standard series of face to face, and due to the large choice of materials, high and low temperature and various acids, alkalis and other corrosive media can also be freely responded to. Especially in terms of large diameter, with its advantage of zero leakage, it is constantly replacing large gate valves and ball valves in shut-off valves. Similarly, with its excellent control function, it is also constantly replacing globe valves. So far, triple eccentric butterfly valves have also been used in various important pipelines such as process control in major industrial fields such as oil and gas extraction, offshore platforms, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, inorganic chemicals, and energy power generation. In actual engineering, if the working pressure of the system is not less than 1.0 MPa or in important parts that need to be opened frequently, triple eccentric butterfly valves can be used.

Want double eccentric butterfly valve for water treatment, contact Bundor valve. Characteristics and technical parameters of Bundor double eccentric butterfly valve The use of body seal structure, which is different from the normal disc seal structure in the market, can achieve bi-direction sealing; the valve seat is welded with stainless steel, which is more wear-resistant, has more opening and closing times, and has a longer service life; the valve shaft is supported by a self-lubricating sleeve bearing , Reduce friction and torque. Material: Body CS、WCB Disc CS、WCB、SS Actuator Lever、Worm gear、Motorized、Pneumatic Stem CS、SS Sealing Rubber、PTFE、SS、Alloy steel DN DN100-3000 Temperature -20℃~120℃ Pressure PN6/PN10/PN16