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Bundor valve aluminum handle wafer butterfly valve exported to the United States

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: A valve distributor in the United States purchases Bundor aluminum handle wafer butterfly valve
Customer name: a valve distributor in the United States
Buy Valve: Bundor Aluminum Handle Wafer Butterfly Valve
Customer needs: Provide supporting services for local water pipelines

Engineering Content:
The customer is from the United States and is a valve dealer. The butterfly valve is mainly used for its own store sales, mainly for local engineering projects and neighboring countries. The distributor is an old customer of Bundor Valves, and every time there is an order, he will ask Bundor Valves for quotation.
This time, the customer received a project order, and a batch of butterfly valves needs to be purchased on the water pipeline of a local project. The customer found the Bundor valve to make an inquiry and consulted on the material configuration of the product. Since these butterfly valves are mainly installed outdoors, in order to prevent the valves from rusting, Bundor sales staff suggested that customers use wafer butterfly valve products with aluminum handles, and the customer adopted Bundor suggestion.
After the configuration was selected, the Bender business manager quickly made a quotation for the customer, and finally the customer placed an order from Bundor Valve and purchased a batch of Bundor aluminum handle wafer butterfly valves.