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A company in Southeast Asia purchased Bundor lug butterfly valves

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: A company in Southeast Asia purchased Bundor bare shaft lug butterfly valve equipment with electric actuator
Customer Name: A company in Southeast Asia
Buy Valve: Bundor Lug Butterfly Valve
Customer demand: Bare shaft lug butterfly valve

Engineering Content:
The customer is a company in Southeast Asia, mainly engaged in valve trade, providing valves and supporting services for local users.
The customer needs to purchase a batch of lug butterfly valves to use with their own electric actuators, so they need to find a professional butterfly valve manufacturer.
Customers found Bundor Valves through the Internet and explained their needs to Bundor. Bundor International Channel Department staff further inquired about the customer's operating conditions, caliber, pressure, etc. According to the customer's specific operating conditions, they recommended the ductile iron valve body and the lug butterfly valve made of stainless steel valve disc for the customer, and then sent to the customer. After obtaining the butterfly valve drawings, the two parties carefully checked the parameters. Ultimately, the customer purchased a bare shaft ductile iron lug butterfly valve product from Bundor.
Customers think that Bundor staff are professional and enthusiastic, and they will have the opportunity to cooperate with Bundor in the future.