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Principle of Knife gate valve

Posted by Bundor valve
Introduction of Knife gate valve principle
The knife gate valve mainly includes three parts, which are the control handwheel of the knife gate valve, the valve body, and the internal control device. We use the knife gate valve mainly by manipulating the easy-to-operate handwheel on the knife gate valve, so that the control device inside the valve body performs a series of physical movements, and finally forms the opening and closing of the valve, so that the knife gate valve can work normally. Control the on-off of the pipeline.

The internal structure of the knife gate valve is very complicated. We turn the handwheel of the knife gate valve by hand to make it rotate, so that the knife gate valve can drive the lever and gear inside the knife gate valve to work. The internal blocking device changes rapidly, and the knife gate valve opens and closes according to the direction of rotation. Moreover, such work can be completed in a very short time, which can effectively save time and improve work efficiency.
Application scope of knife gate valve:
1. Mining, coal washing, iron and steel industry - used for coal washing pipelines, slag filtering pipelines, etc., ash discharge pipelines;
2. Purification device - used for waste water, mud, dirt and pure water with suspended solids;
3. Paper industry - used for any concentration of pulp, material-water mixture;
4. Power station ash removal - used for ash slurry.