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Where is the wafer butterfly valve used

Posted by Bundor valve
The butterfly plate of sandwiching butterfly valve is installed in the direction of pipe diameter.In the cylindrical channel of butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis with a rotation Angle of 0°-90°, which can play the role of flow regulation. When the butterfly plate rotates to 90°, the valve reaches a large opening.Sandwich-type butterfly valve is simple in structure, small in size and light in weight, and only consists of a few parts.And only need to rotate 90° can be fast opening and closing, easy to operate, and the valve has good fluid control characteristics.
wafer butterfly valve
If butterfly valves are required for flow control, it is important to select the correct size and type of valve.The structure of butterfly valves is particularly suitable for manufacturing valves.Butterfly valve is not only widely used in petroleum, gas, chemical industry, water treatment and other general industries, but also used in the cooling water system of thermal power stations.