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The installation instructions of pneumatic butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
Whether the installation of pneumatic butterfly valve is good will affect the efficiency of the equipment.And the maintenance of pneumatic butterfly valve is also related to the performance of the equipment.Improper installation or lack of maintenance will cause the decline of butterfly valve’s performance, and even unnecessary danger,the user shall regularly test and maintain the pneumatic butterfly valve.

1.Before installation, check that all parts of the pneumatic butterfly valve are not missing and the model is correct,and check the body without debris, solenoid valve and silencer without obstruction.
2.Place both valve and cylinder in the closed position.
3.Install the cylinder to the valve, and see if the screw hole is correct, there will not be too much deviation,if there is a little deviation, turn the cylinder block a little bit,and then tighten the screws.
4.After the installation is completed, the pneumatic butterfly valve shall be debugged, and the opening and closing of the solenoid valve shall be manually operated during the commissioning operation,and then observe the opening and closing of the pneumatic butterfly valve.If the valve is found to be difficult to operate at the beginning of the opening and closing process during debugging, and then normal, it is necessary to reduce the cylinder stroke until the opening and closing action of the valve is smooth and no leakage when closed.
5.Butterfly valve should be kept dry before installation and not stored in the open air.
6.Before installing the butterfly valve, check the pipeline to ensure that there is no welding slag and other foreign matters in the pipeline.
7.The resistance of manual opening and closing the butterfly valve body is moderate,the torque of the butterfly valve is matched with the torque of the selected actuator.
8.Use correct flange specifications for butterfly valve connections.Special flanges for butterfly valves are recommended,flat welded flanges shall not be used.
9.Make sure the flange is welded correctly. After the butterfly valve is installed, do not weld the flange again to avoid scalding the rubber parts.
10.The installed pipe flange shall be aligned and aligned with the butterfly valve.
11.Install all flange bolts and tighten them by hand,verify that the butterfly valve is aligned with the flange, and then be careful to open and close the butterfly valve to ensure flexibility.
12.Open the valve fully and tighten bolts in diagonal order with wrench,do not need a washer, do not screw the bolt too tight, in order to prevent serious deformation of the valve ring.