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Introduction Of Central Heating

Central heating consists of residential central heating and municipal heating. Municipal heating is the urban central heating system, which is provided by one or more heat source plants to each unit or community collective heating system. District central heating generally by the district through the boiler to provide heat source to users.

Municipal heating is also known as urban central heating, which is the transfer and distribution of heating medium from urban central heating source to heat users. It is called urban central heating and municipal heating is relative to individuals or small collectives. Municipal heating simply means that there is a large heating company to each unit or residential community collective heating system, so as to reduce the floor space, reduce air pollution, save energy.

Bundor Valve provides valve solutions for central heating systems.

Bundor Valve Product Advantage

Bundor valve is committed to provide the high quality valve products and considerate services for the society. Bundor valve has an irreplaceable advantages, was founded in 1994, more than 20 years of research and development production experience, has 102 patent certificate, 5000㎡ production workshop, and equipped with a valve industry leading intelligent testing center, to ensure the qualified rate of valve quality. At the same time to solemnly promise to customers, Bundor valve two years warranty. Because the product itself quality question, the unconditional compensation.

General Configuration List
1 Soft seal gate valve PN16 DI body,DI+EPDM disct set
2 Wafer check valve PN16 DI body,DI disc,EPDM seat set
3 Rubber Seat Butterfly Valve PN16 DI body,DI disc,EPDM seat set
4 Globe Valve PN16 304 body,304 disc,EPDM seat set
5 Y-Strainer PN16 DI body set
6 Rubber Joint PN16 304 Flange,EPDM seat set
7 Throttle Valve PN16 304 body,304 disc set

Flow Chart Of Municipal Heating

Distribution Map Of Municipal Heating Valve


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