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Bundor triple eccentric welded hard seal butterfly valve exported to South America

Posted by Bundor valve
China is a large country of valve production, the valve produced in China is of good quality, moderate price, high cost performance, convenient and fast trade.Therefore, many trading companies from all over the world will often find suitable valve manufacturers in China to cooperate with their customers to supply valve products and accessories.
A customer from South America, is a local trading company, mainly for their own customers to provide valves and valve accessories.
The trading company received an order from a Cuban customer for a 1.2 meter diameter triple eccentric welded hard seal butterfly valve.This comes from South American trade company to search Chinese valve manufacturer to undertake collaboration on the Internet, found Bundor Valve.

The South American trader was very frank. After simple communication with the sales representative of Bundor Valve, he placed an order , purchased DN1200 triple eccentric welded hard seal butterfly valve from Bundor.

After the customer received the triple eccentric welded hard seal butterfly valve from Bundor, he thought that the product was completely painted and the valve body was very heavy. Meanwhile, he also expressed that this was a very good shopping experience, looking forward to cooperating with zhongde valve again!