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Bundor exports products such as butterfly valves and butterfly check valves to Israel

Posted by Bundor valve
Project Name: A distributor in Israel purchased the matching butterfly valvewafer check valve, Y filter and other products.
Customer Name: A dealer in Israel
Buy valves: wafer butterfly valve, Y filter, wafer check valve, swing check valve
Customer needs: firefighting equipment and engineering, supporting the use of valves

The customer is from Israel, is a local company doing firefighting equipment, often need some valve products supporting equipment, supply to the customer.
Because distributor often need to provide customers with supporting valve products, The distributor is looking for a stable supplier of high quality valves, for long-term cooperation.
From the first time to purchase a batch of butterfly valves in Bundor Valve, after many times of cooperation, the two sides have established a good cooperative relationship of mutual trust, also established a deep friendship. This distributor as long as there is a need for valve products, will come to Bundor.
This cooperation, the distributor once again from Bundor to purchase the butterfly valve, wafer check valve, Y filter, swing check valve and other valve products.
The customer thinks the valves of Bundor is very good, will continue to maintain cooperation with Bundor!