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Bundor Germany middle line to clamp butterfly valve exported to Saudi Arabia

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: a customer in Asia purchased Bundor midline butterfly valve products  
Client name: a client in Asia  
Buy valve: Bundor middle line to clamp butterfly valve  
Customer demand: store wholesale and sales  

Project content:  
The customer is from Asia, has many stores in the local, mainly engaged in the valve wholesale and sales. He have made cooperation 5 times with Bundor. This time, he purchased 1900 sets of concentric butterfly valves from Bundor. Customers are very satisfied with Bundor products through many times cooperation. Customers said valve market competition is very fierce in local. To win a place in such a fierce competition, the valve brand must differentiation, and cost-effective, high-end appearance. He know that Bundor is specialized in differentiated products of valve market segments, positioning in the high-end, cost-effective, which coincides with their own sales strategy. After further understanding of the quality and price of the valve products, the customer identified that Bundor is a reliable manufacturer they are looking for. Unitil now, both sides have established a deep friendship, the customer said, Bundor's quality is very stable. He hope we can have more cooperation in the future.