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Where are pneumatic butterfly valves used

Posted by Bundor valve
Pneumatic butterfly valve is the butterfly valve body with a pneumatic actuator of a valve, driving the pneumatic butterfly valve switch is compressed air.Where are pneumatic butterfly valves usually used?What does it do?
pneumatic butterfly valve
Generally, pneumatic butterfly valves are installed in small diameter pipe, used to control the flow of water, steam, air, mud, oil and a variety of corrosive media and other fluids.
Pneumatic butterfly valve small volume light weight, installation and maintenance are very convenient.We mentioned above, driven by pneumatic butterfly valve is a compressed air to have high requirements for air quality, so the pneumatic butterfly valve drive also contains all kinds of accessories, such as air filtering pressure reducing valve, pneumatic solenoid valve, locator, etc., the former is the function of filtering impurities and moisture in the air, the latter's role is to control the actuator and off.
Pneumatic butterfly valve through the work of the actuator, can be flexible and fast switch to open and close, can effectively ensure the safety of the pipeline, is a control valve in the use of more in the industrial pipeline.If you have the purchase demand in this respect, you can click on the official website of bonde valve online customer service inquiry.