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What is the difference between butterfly valve handle drive and worm gear drive?

Posted by Bundor valve
Both the handle butterfly valve and the worm gear butterfly valve are valves that need to be operated by hand manually. They are generally called manual butterfly valves, but there are still differences between the two in use.
The handle butterfly valve handle lever directly drives the valve plate, and the switch is fast but laborious;Worm wheel butterfly valve drives the valve plate through the worm wheel, which is slow to switch but saves effort.Therefore, Bundor Valve recommends that when the pressure in the pipeline is high, you can choose to use a worm gear butterfly valve.

The butterfly valve commonly used in engineering is generally a worm gear butterfly valve, because in addition to saving labor, its sealing performance is also better than the handle butterfly valve, especially in the environment of high switching frequency, the service life of the worm gear butterfly valve will be longer than the handle butterfly valve.
Handle butterfly valves are generally used with small diameter (within DN200), because generally small diameter butterfly valves have smaller torque and can be opened and closed directly by hand, while worm gear butterfly valves use a gear box to drive the valve stem to rotate, which is more labor-saving.
Bundor Valve is a professional manufacturer of high-quality butterfly valves, has 25 years of valve production experienceThe quality of handle butterfly valves and worm gear butterfly valves is very good!
We sincerely recommend that you:When the valve stem torque is greater than 300N · M, it is driven by a gear box, and the rest is generally driven by a handle.