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How do butterfly valves work?

Posted by Bundor valve
Valves are mechanical devices that control flow and pressure in a system or process. They are the main components of the piping system that stops or transmits liquids, gases, vapors and all fluids. butterfly valve, Gate, sphere, plug, globe, butterfly, rotary, diaphragm, safety, control valves etc.Many types of valves are available.
Each of these is available in a variety of models with different features and functional capability. Some valves are operated automatically, while some valves are operated manually or actuator or pneumatically or hydraulically.One of them is butterfly valve.The butterfly valve; liquid, gas or particulate, viscous fluids used to control simple, compact structure,small footprint, 100% tightness, more economical solutions for the control of fluids is an improved type of valve. The butterfly valve Advantages: When they need to be used for control; control is only possible in the range of travel of the valve between 15 ° and 75 °.They are lightweight. Installation length is short.They reduce costs after a certain size.They are easy to install.Maintenance needs are low.The parts in contact with the fluid are small.Comfortable to use.They can be used with actuators.Valve Shaft (Shaft Opening Closing Stem) or Actuator Connection Stem: The valve stem gives the disc the necessary movement to open or close the valve and is responsible for the correct positioning of the disc. They are connected to the valve disc by handwheel of the valve, actuator or lever on one side. In gate valves, the disc requires linear motion to open or close the valve, whereas in ball and butterfly valves the disc is rotated for opening or closing. All components are usually made of forged steel and connected to the disc by threading or other techniques. In order to prevent leakage, a durable thin gasket is placed on the joint face of the bonnet. Also butterfly valves have a rotary valve handle.This plug is a widely used model in ball and butterfly valves. The quarter turn of the shaft opens or closes the valve. When butterfly, spherical, conical cylinders, valves and eccentric turn open, close control valves, such as opening and closing along an angular or circular path, these valves are called rotary motion valves. These valves with quarter-turn opening and closing, operate in a 90 ° counter-clockwise quarter turn to fully open in the opposite direction when fully closed.