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Double flange type butterfly valve installation

Posted by Bundor valve
Flanged butterfly valve refers to the butterfly valve with flange connection.Flanged butterfly valve installation method and clamping butterfly valve is different, flange butterfly valve comes with a flange, installation time no longer need to be specially equipped with a flange piece, directly the valve body flange and pipe flange with bolts can be connected.But the flange butterfly valve installation should pay attention to a few points:
butterfly valve
1. In the installation, the end face between the butterfly valve body flange and the flange on the pipeline should be parallel, and there can be no skew, otherwise it may cause the leakage of the flange connection because of the loose bolt.

2. Flanged butterfly valve is installed in the pipeline when gaskets are added between the flange at both ends of the pipeline and the valve body flange, but not with double gaskets.

3. The tightening of bolts should be carried out symmetrically, and the tightening force of each bolt should be uniform and consistent for both ends of the flange connection.

4. During installation, the bolts of the locating hole on the butterfly valve should be installed first, and the butterfly valve position should be fixed in the center. In addition, when fastening the flange bolts, they should be tightened symmetrically and alternately, instead of fastening the bolts separately in turn.

Flanged butterfly valve has soft sealing flange butterfly valve and hard sealing flange butterfly valve.Usually soft sealing flange butterfly valve suitable medium fresh water, sewage, sea water, air, steam and other weak acid and weak base medium.Hard sealing flange butterfly valve suitable medium water, weak acid and alkali, air, steam, oil and other corrosive fluid medium.

Compared to the clamp butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve sealing performance is better, more suitable for large caliber valve.But the cost and price will also be higher.The structure of flanged butterfly valve is longer and takes up more pipe installation space.