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What are the common valves for water treatment

Posted by Bundor valve
This article introduces you which water treatment valves are used? Before understanding this problem, we need to know what is water treatment. Water treatment is the abbreviation of water supply treatment and wastewater treatment, and it is an important part of water industry science and technology
Classification of water treatment methods

Generally divided into primary processing, secondary processing and tertiary processing
Primary treatment is mainly pretreatment, mostly using physical methods or simple chemical methods (such as preliminary neutralization of pH) to remove suspended solids, colloids, suspended oils and other pollutants in wastewater. The treatment level of primary treatment is low, and generally does not meet the specified emission requirements, and secondary treatment is still required.
The secondary treatment is mainly to clear the colloidal or dissolved organic pollutants that can be decomposed or oxidized, and more economical biochemical treatment methods are used. After secondary treatment, the wastewater can generally meet the discharge standard, but there may remain microorganisms and non-degradable organic matter and inorganic salts such as nitrogen and phosphoru,They are few in number and are generally not harmful to water bodies.
Three-level governance, also known as deep governance, is only used when there are special requirements. It is to treat the wastewater after secondary treatment, and then use physical and chemical technology for further treatment, in order to remove soluble inorganic matter and indecomposable organic matter, remove various viruses, bacteria, phosphorus, nitrogen and other substances, and finally reach the surface water. , industrial water or water quality standards close to domestic water.

Common valves for water treatment
  1. Shut-off valve
Mainly used to cut off or connect the medium flow. Including gate valve, globe valve, diaphragm valve, ball valve, plug valve, butterfly valve, plunger valve, instrument needle valve, etc.
  1. Regulating valve
It is mainly used to adjust the flow and pressure of the medium. Including regulating valve, throttle valve, pressure reducing valve, etc
  1. Check valve
Used to prevent backflow of media. Check valves of various configurations are included.
  1. Diverter valve
For separating, distributing or mixing media. Including distribution valves and traps of various structures.
  1. Safe valve
It is used for safety protection when the medium is overpressured. Including various types of safety valves.
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