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There are several ways to connect the butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
The connection methods of butterfly valves include flange connection, wafer connection, butt welding connection, clamp connection, etc.
Flange connection: the valve body has flanges at both ends, corresponding to the flanges on the pipeline, and is installed in the pipeline by bolting the flanges.

Wafer connection: The valve is installed in the middle of two flanges, and there are usually positioning holes on the valve body to facilitate installation and positioning, and the connection form in which the valve and the two pipes are directly clipped together with bolts.

Clamp connection, also known as groove connection, after the joint part of the flat end of the pipe and pipe fittings is processed into a circular groove, a quick assembly joint composed of a split clamp, a C-type rubber sealing ring and a fastener is used.

Welding connection: The two ends of the valve body are processed into butt welding grooves according to the butt welding requirements, which correspond to the welding grooves of the pipeline, and are fixed on the pipeline by welding.
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