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What kind of butterfly valve is good

Posted by Bundor valve
Butterfly valve has a small structure and light weight, which can not only intercept flow, but also adjust the flow. Many advantages make the application scope of butterfly valve more and more extensive. The reason why butterfly valves can be used in more and more fields is because the materials of butterfly valves are changeable. Butterfly valves of different materials can adapt to different working conditions. Therefore, what kind of butterfly valve is good is not rigorous enough. We will analyze the reasons next.

Common materials for butterfly valves are gray cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, and stainless steel. If you compare the material performance alone, there is no doubt that the stainless steel butterfly valve is the best, because its temperature resistance, anti-corrosion ability, and pressure resistance are better than other materials, and it is suitable for more working conditions. The cost of butterfly valve is also the highest among several materials.
If it is only used for medium such as clean water and steam, it is sufficient to use a butterfly valve made of gray cast iron or ductile iron. If you have to use cast steel or stainless steel, it will increase the cost.

What material the butterfly valve uses is directly related to the medium in the pipeline, including medium temperature, pressure, corrosiveness, etc. In low-pressure and normal-temperature environments, butterfly valves made of gray cast iron and ductile iron are used; in high-temperature and high-pressure environments, cast steel butterfly valves are used; High temperature, high pressure and corrosive, stainless steel butterfly valve is used.
It can be seen that the material of the butterfly valve itself is not good or bad. It is enough to choose the correct material and use the correct working environment. Of course, as far as the material itself is concerned, there are quality points, which are related to the level of the manufacturer. Here we recommend Bundor Valves, high-quality valve manufacturers, so the materials used in butterfly valves have been strictly screened, and the products will also undergo layers of quality inspection when they leave the factory to ensure product quality.