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The function and working principle of check valve

Posted by Bundor valve
The function of check valve:
The check valve is an automatic opening and closing valve that does not require manpower or other actions,it relies on the flow of the pipeline medium itself to open or close the valve, which is mainly used to prevent the reverse flow of the pipeline medium.The check valve has only one flow direction, that is, it can only flow along the water inlet and cannot be reversed,the valve disc is closed when the medium flows back.The check valve is generally installed in the place to prevent medium backflow when the valve is not closed.For example, check valves are installed at the outlet of common water pumps to prevent high-pressure water from flowing backward into the pump, which may loosen or damage the pump impeller or other parts due to hydraulic impact, thus causing accidents.In short, check valves are used in pipelines or equipment that prevent the backflow of media.

The working principle of check valve:
The principle of the check valve is very simple. The medium flows in the specified direction. When the flow pressure exceeds the opening pressure of the check valve, the valve disc is jacked open under the action of the fluid pressure, thus connecting the flow of the pipeline medium.On the contrary, when the pipeline medium reverses and flows back, the valve disc is pressed on the check valve body by the fluid pressure, and the valve is closed, thus cutting off the flow of pipeline medium.The greater the pressure of the medium flowing backwards,the tighter the valve disc is closed, and the better the sealing effect,completely eliminate the possibility of the backflow of the medium.
The check valve can be divided into lift type, swing type and butterfly type according to different structural forms,the lifting type can also be divided into vertical type and horizontal type, and its action mode is to move along the axis.Swing type can be divided into single valve type, double valve type and multi valve type,their working mode depends on the rotation of the center of gravity.