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Preservation methods of idle valve to prevent rust and damage

Posted by Bundor valve
1.Regular maintenance
Valves that have been idle for a long time shall be inspected and maintained regularly to prevent corrosion and damage.For valves that have been idle for a long time, they can only be used after passing the pressure test together with equipment, devices and pipelines.
Prevent impact of other objects, manual handling and disassembly.If necessary, the moving parts of the valve shall be fixed and the valve shall be packaged for protection.

3.Anti-corrosive treatment
Take out the packing from the stuffing box to prevent the valve rod from electrochemical corrosion.The sealing surface, valve stem, valve stem nut, machining surface and other parts of the valve shall be coated with anti rust agent and lubricating grease as the case may be, and the painted parts shall be coated with anti rust paint.
4.Complete valve parts
After the valve is short of parts, other parts cannot be used to fill it. The valve shall be equipped to create good conditions for the next use and ensure that the valve is in good condition.
5.Clean the valve
The inner cavity of the valve shall be purged and cleaned without residue and aqueous solution, and the outside of the valve shall be wiped and cleaned without dirt, oil stain and dust.