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Urban drainage system is an engineering facility system for treating and removing urban sewage and rainwater. It is an integral part of urban public facilities. Urban drainage system planning is an integral part of urban master plan. Urban drainage system is usually composed of drainage pipeline and sewage treatment plant. In the case of separate system of sewage and rainwater, the sewage is collected by the drainage pipe and sent to the sewage treatment, and then discharged into the water or recycled.

Drainage valve is an indispensable water industry product in urban drainage system. which is mainly used in urban, construction, enterprise water supply and drainage engineering, industrial and domestic sewage treatment, water conservancy engineering and other fields. Among them, various types of medium and low pressure valves are mainly used, including various butterfly valves and gate valves. Other valves include ball valve, check valve, exhaust valve, plug valve, diaphragm valve, pressure reducing valve, flow regulating valve and sludge discharge valve Etc. The drainage valve can also be used for the drainage of the sewer pipe to effectively control the water level.

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Application principle of city drainage pipe valve

1.When the pipe diameter is not greater than 50mm, the globe valve should be used. When the pipe diameter is greater than 50mm, the gate valve and butterfly valve should be used.

2.need to adjust the flow, water pressure should be used to Control Valve, Globe valve.

3.the requirement of small flow resistance parts (such as water pump suction pipe), appropriate to use gate valve.

4.Gate valves and butterfly valves should be used on the pipe section where the water flow in both directions, and Globe valve should not be used.

5.Butterfly valve and ball valve should be used for parts with small installation space.

6, in the often open and close pipe section, it is appropriate to use the globe valve.

7, large caliber pump outlet pipe should be used on the multi-functional valve.

General Configuration List
1 Cast iron gate valve DN200/PN16 body:CI,seal:copper alloy,
2 Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve DN200/PN16 body:DI,seat:PDM,
3 Forged flange rubber joint DN200/PN16 Flange:Q235, Rubber:EPDM set
4 Butterfly check valve DN200/PN16 body:WCB,disc:WCB set
5 Globe valve DN200/PN16 body:304,disc:304 set
6 Y strainer DN200/PN16 body:DI,screen:304,

Urban Drainage System Valve Distribution


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