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Reclaimed water system refers to a set of engineering facilities for flushing toilets, greening, washing cars, cleaning and other water points after draining all kinds of buildings or residential areas after they have been treated to meet the requirements of reclaimed water quality. because its quality between the water supply (upper water) and drainage (water), so we called medium water.

The reuse of reclaimed water is to treat urban sewage as a renewable resource.Due to the stable amount of urban sewage and economic investment in infrastructure, many countries take the reuse of reclaimed water as the preferred solution to solve the problem of water shortage.Therefore, the recycling of reclaimed water shows the double effect of open source and pollution reduction.

Bundor valve, as a high quality valve supplier, provides you with a complete set of valve solutions for Intermediate water treatment systems.

Intermediate water system selection

The selection of reclaimed water treatment process depends on the quantity, quality and use requirements of reclaimed water source. It is generally divided into:

1. The process of the intermediate water treatment equipment with high-quality mixed drainage as the water source is as follows: raw water →grille→ Adjust the pool → physico-chemical treatment → Filter tank → disinfection →recycled water

2. The process of intermediate water treatment with general mixed drainage as the water source is as follows: raw water → grille→ adjust the pool → biological treatment → Settling basin → Filter tank → disinfection →recycled water.

3. The process of reclaimed water treatment with domestic sewage as the source of reclaimed water is as follows: raw water → grille→ adjust the pool → Secondary biological treatment → Settling basin → Filter tank → disinfection →recycled water

General Configuration List
1 Cast steel gate valve DN200/PN16 body:CI,seal:copper alloy,
2 Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve DN200/PN16 body:DI,seat:PDM,
3 Forged flange rubber joint DN200/PN16 Body: WCB/304 set
4 Triple eccentric metal seal butterfly valve DN200/PN16 body:DI,seal:EPDM,
5 Butterfly check valve DN200/PN16 body:WCB,seal:stainless steel,disc:WCB set
6 Soft seal gate valve DN200/PN16 body:DI,seal:EPDM,
7 Y strainer DN200/PN16 body:DI,screen:304,


Commonly used valves for sewage treatment

Primary sedimentation tank: monitor and control the operation parameters and state of sludge tank