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bundor valve swing check valve exported to Italy

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: Italian customer won the bid to purchase bundor swing check valve products
Customer name: Italian customer
Buy Valve: bundor Valves Swing Check Valve
Customer requirements: procurement and use of winning projects
Engineering Content:
The customer is from Italy, who is doing engineering projects, and has cooperated with bundor Valves 5 times before.

 Customers will often participate in local bidding projects. Because of their strong strength, they have a great chance of winning the bid. We have cooperated with bundor Valves for 5 times. The first 5 cooperations were very smooth. Even in the last cooperation, the customer had special requirements for the required valves. After a lot of efforts, bundor Valves satisfied customers. This also further deepens the cooperation between customers and bundor Valves.

 This time, the customer participated in the bidding project of the local municipal construction and successfully won the bid. Several large-diameter swing check valves were needed in the project. order.

 client feedback
Bundor Valves has good product quality, strong professional ability of business personnel, pleasant cooperation, and is willing to maintain long-term cooperation with bundor Valves.