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Bundor or Valve Centerline Wafer Butterfly Valve Exported to Mexico

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: A customer in North America purchased bundor  wide-side seat centerline wafer butterfly valve products for stocking and sales
Customer name: a customer in North America
Buy Valves: bundor  Valves Wafer Butterfly Valves
Customer needs: wholesale sales in stores

Engineering Content:
The customer is from a country in North America and has 4 local stores, mainly engaged in the wholesale and sales of equipment for the irrigation industry. This time, the customer imported butterfly valves from bundor or  Valves, which is the 9th cooperation between the two parties.
The customer's store is positioned as high-end, so the quality requirements for the valve are very strict. Since the customer purchased bundor or 's patented wide-side seat centerline wafer butterfly valve, he liked this product. The customer said that the design of this butterfly valve is very special, and the customers in the store have recognized the bundor or  butterfly valve very much. This butterfly valve is used for all pipelines that need to be equipped with butterfly valves.
bundor  Valve's wide-side butterfly valve, customers not only purchase frequently, but also use a large amount. This time, due to business needs, the customer ordered a batch of wide-side seat centerline wafer butterfly valves from bundor or Valves again.