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Bundor double flange eccentric butterfly valve, exhaust valve, etc. exported to Indonesia

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: A customer in Southeast Asia purchased double flange eccentric butterfly valves, exhaust valves, power transmission joints and other products from Bundor
Customer name: a customer in Southeast Asia
Buy valves: Bundor double flange eccentric butterfly valve, exhaust valve, power transmission joint, etc.
Customer demand: supply for municipal engineering

Engineering Content:
The customer is from a country in Southeast Asia, and is a trader in the valve business, mainly supplying local large-scale engineering projects.
The trader participated in the bidding and successfully won the bid for a large-scale local municipal engineering project, and needed to purchase a batch of valve products for it. Municipal projects have high quality requirements for valve products, so traders must find manufacturers with good product quality and complete qualifications to supply them.
According to the customer's request, the trader found Bundor Valves through the Internet, and Bundor's business personnel introduced Bundor's products, qualifications, factories and other aspects. The trader had a more adequate understanding of Bundor Valves. After getting to know it, I believe that the reputation, qualifications and product commitments of Bundor Valves fully meet the requirements of end customers.
After many times of communication, the trader finally decided to purchase products from Bundor Valves, including double flange eccentric butterfly valve, power transmission joint, exhaust valve, electric gate valve, etc.