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Bundor Pneumatic Fluorine Lined Ball Valve Exported to Malaysia

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: A company in Southeast Asia purchases Bundor pneumatic fluorine-lined ball valves for chemical projects
Customer Name: A company in Southeast Asia
Buy Valve: Bundor Pneumatic Fluorine Lined Ball Valve
Customer demand: chemical project use

Engineering Content:
Customers are from Southeast Asia, mainly undertake some local engineering projects, and provide related product accessories for engineering projects.
The company participated in the bidding of a chemical project, provided it with technical services and valve product support, and finally won the bid.
Because chemical plant engineering pipelines contain corrosive media, all fluorine-lined valves are required. The company purchases valves in batches according to the progress of the project construction. This is the fourth time that the company has purchased valve products from Bundor Valves. The fluorine-lined valves ordered from Bundor have been successfully installed and put into use. . The company said that end customers highly recognized the quality and appearance of Bundor valve products, and believed that the quality of Bundor valve products was very good.
This time, the company once again purchased a batch of pneumatic fluorine-lined ball valves from Bundor Valves. The customer said that if there is demand, they will continue to choose to cooperate with Bundor.