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Soft seal butterfly valve price

Posted by Bundor valve
Soft seal butterfly valve has to wafer soft seal butterfly valve and flange soft seal butterfly valve.Both have excellent sealing performance, can be used in petroleum, chemical, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment and many other fields,It is not suitable for high temperature, high pressure, high corrosion and severe wear conditions.How much does the soft seal butterfly valve, We have to do this separately,The price of wafer soft seal butterfly valve and flange soft seal butterfly valve is different.
soft seal butterfly valve
Soft seal butterfly valve suitable for the medium, including water, oil, steam, such as acid and alkaline substances, in the pipeline to cut off and control the flow.Soft seal butterfly valve sealing surface material is usually EPDM , NBR and PTFE .Epdm  is generally used in water or steam;NBR is suitable for oil passing medium;PTFE is suitable for corrosive medium pipes.

Soft seal butterfly valves are very simple to use,operate the drive device on the valve body to drive the stem to move, which in turn drives the rotation of the butterfly plate to realize the opening and closing of the valve. The selection Angle of the butterfly plate is between 0-90°.The drive device of soft seal butterfly valve usually has handle, turbine head, pneumatic actuator, electric actuator and so on.

Bundor valve remind you to choose different driving methods according to different diameters and pressures, their specific prices need you to consult the website online customer service personnel.