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Routine maintenance and repair methods of pneumatic valves

Posted by Bundor valve
Pneumatic valve is a device that operates valve opening and closing through compressed air,it only needs air supply to work,and the switch speed is very fast, which saves human resources and time to a large extent.Not only that, but also remote centralized control can be carried out without manual operation on site or in high altitude and dangerous areas, greatly improving and ensuring the safety of use.Therefore, it is more and more widely used in industry,with large usage and fast consumption.So, what should be paid attention to in use to reduce maintenance time and save costs?Do a good job in daily use and maintenance of pneumatic valves, which can effectively improve the use efficiency of products and reduce unnecessary losses. Pay attention to the following points:

1.Before using the pneumatic valve, clean the iron filings and other sundries in the valve body with clean water;

2.The flange nuts and bolts on the pneumatic valve must be fixed tightly to prevent problems of flange butt joint caused by uneven stress;

3.The sealing materials of the valve must be cleaned regularly to prevent leakage and wear;

4.When the valve is closed, there are still some media residues in the valve body of the pneumatic valve. The power and air sources must be cut off to release all the pressure for cleaning.

5.Operate the pneumatic pipeline valve fully open and close for several times, confirm that the valve can work normally, and check all details of the valve once more to ensure that the valve is intact.

6.Ensure that the installation position of pneumatic valve is on the same axis, and the two flanges on the pipeline should be parallel.Confirm that the pipeline can bear the weight of the pneumatic pipeline valve itself. If it is found that the pipeline cannot bear the weight of the pneumatic pipeline valve, equip the pipeline with corresponding support before installation.
Routine maintenance of pneumatic valve:

1.Clean the valve: For general medium, just wash it with water.However, for the cleaning of media harmful to health, we should first understand its characteristics, and then choose the corresponding cleaning method.

2.Valve disassembly:Remove the rusty parts on the exposed surface first. Before rust removal, protect the machined surfaces of precision parts such as valve seat, valve element and valve stem,and use special tools to remove the valve seat.

3.Valve core and valve seat:If the two sealing surfaces have small rust spots and wear, they can be repaired by machining. If they are seriously damaged, they must be replaced.However, the hard sealing surface after repair or replacement must be ground.

4.Valve rod: It can only be replaced if the surface is damaged.

5.Damage of push rod, guide and sealing surface: The reverse actuator must be replaced, while the direct actuator can be used after proper repair.