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Difference between electric fluorine lined butterfly valve and electric hard seal butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
Electric butterfly valve is one of the most commonly used valves in industrial pipelines in recent years,in addition to normal opening and closing, it can also be used to adjust and control the pressure, flow, temperature and other parameters of various water, liquid, gas and other fluids.It is an important execution unit in the field of industrial automation control, and is widely used in chemical industry, electric power, petroleum, metallurgy, steam, environmental protection, fire protection systems, etc.In addition, there are many types of electric butterfly valves and various control forms, which can meet the requirements of various working conditions.

As the two most commonly used types of butterfly valves, the electric fluorine lined butterfly valve and the electric hard seal butterfly valve are completely different in the applicable medium, pressure and temperature. However, many people are uncertain about the choice between the two.In short, the control forms of the two are the same, but the sealing structure is different.The electric fluorine lined butterfly valve is suitable for corrosive media, but it can only be used at normal temperature and pressure,electric hard seal butterfly valve can be used in various pressure and temperature ranges.The detailed differences are as follows:
1.From the structure:
Hard seal butterfly valve refers to that both sides of the sealing pair are made of metal materials or other hard materials.The soft seal butterfly valve can use soft materials separately or completely on the two sealing surfaces,for example, the butterfly plate and valve seat of fluorine lined butterfly valve are wrapped with PTFE.
2.From the sealing performance:
The advantages of the soft sealing fluorine lined butterfly valve are good sealing performance, while the disadvantages are easy aging, wear and short service life.Hard seal butterfly valve has a long service life, but its sealing performance is relatively worse than that of soft seal.
3.From the use of conditions:
Soft seal fluorine lined butterfly valve used in normal temperature and pressure environment,hard seal butterfly valve can be used in low temperature, normal temperature, high temperature and other environments. Generally, it can be used for high pressure, but the soft seal can not.But fluorine lined butterfly valve has super corrosion resistance.
4.From the manufacture:
As for manufacturing, in principle, there is little difference between the two, mainly the difference between the valve seat.The soft seal fluorine lined butterfly valve is a non-metallic structure, while the hard seal butterfly valve is a metal structure. The hardness relationship between metals, working conditions and the medium used should be considered.