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Notes for the installation of ventilation butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
The installation position of the ventilation butterfly valve in the pipe network and the pipe network layout also affect the use of the valve,for pipes with large smoke and dust, a closed funnel shall be designed at the open end of the valve or at the connecting corner of the valve,regular dust removal can prevent excessive dust accumulation and facilitate the rotation of the butterfly plate.Attention shall be paid to the following problems in the installation of ventilation butterfly valve:

1.The use of metal gaskets must ensure uniform load to avoid additional pressure on the valve due to the influence of temperature and self weight or the pressure generated by welding, which will cause deformation of the valve flange and pipeline.
2.When the valve is installed in a place with a long pipeline, a support frame shall be installed.
3.When installing the valve, pay attention to the flow direction of the medium, so that the opening direction of the butterfly plate is consistent with the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline, which is conducive to the automatic dust cleaning function of the medium flow rate.
4.Strengthen the protection of the overall insulation layer of the pipe network, so that the pipe wall temperature is above the dew point, which can reduce the accumulation of low-temperature cohesive dust.If the pipe wall temperature is higher than the acid dew point of flue gas, the condensation of acid vapor on the heated pipe wall can be avoided, and the generation rate of sulfur trioxide can be controlled,then the use effect of the valve will be better.
The installation position of the ventilation butterfly valve varies with the design of the pipeline, including horizontal, vertical and corner positions,generally, the ventilation butterfly valve installed in the vertical pipe has a good effect and is not easy to accumulate dust, followed by the horizontal pipe, and the corner has the worst effect.Deflection and ash blockage are most likely to occur at the corners on both sides of the valve inlet and outlet, and the valve operating torque will increase.