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Measures for Improvement of Electric Valves

Posted by Bundor valve
1.Improve the quality of valve designers.If you want to improve the quality of electric valves and reduce the probability of failure, you should first improve the quality of designers to make them realize that if the electric valves have problems, they will have a huge impact on water supply, and even a certain impact on society.Therefore, the design unit of the electric valve should provide regular training to the designers, so that the practitioners can understand the importance of the design work, carefully ponder it in the design, observe it on site, master the skills required by the design and the range of design errors to be controlled, and ensure that the design quality of the electric valve meets the actual use needs.

2.The factory implements integrated production.In the production process of electric valves, in order to avoid the disconnection between the design and actual production, factory integrated design and construction can be adopted.The production of electric valves shall be implemented in one unit, and the factory shall be responsible for the design and production to ensure that the quality and error of products are within the control range of national standards and specifications, and the factory shall be responsible for problems, so as to shorten the production cycle of electric valves and improve the production quality.
3.Strengthen monitoring. During the use of electric valves, the user should strengthen monitoring.This kind of monitoring is not only for some important parts,monitoring equipment should also be added to the parts where problems often occur, so as to provide timely feedback on the problems.The staff should always pay attention to the accuracy of the feedback signal and the actual position, ensure that the signal is synchronized with the working state, and can timely and accurately feed back problems.Enterprises should also set up special personnel to take charge, and the responsibility should be assigned to people, so as to truly maintain the working state of electric valves.
4.Establish detection system.During the operation of the electric valve, the water supply enterprise shall also set up a detection system to regularly check the components and parts of the electric valve to see if they are worn.The severely worn components shall be replaced in time to prolong the service life of the electric valve and ensure the normal water supply to the greatest extent.