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Measures to prevent internal leakage of ball valve

Posted by Bundor valve
As far as the internal leakage of the valve is concerned, its root cause is related to production, transportation and installation. Therefore, the anti-seepage strategy should cover every step.

1.Check and accept the new valve.During the acceptance of the valve, it is necessary to focus on the quality of the spherical surface and the valve seat, as well as the sealing performance of the soft seal.In addition, during the inspection of auxiliary configuration, it is also necessary to know whether the grease nozzle and inner check valve are damaged.Since these two methods are necessary to connect the internal and external parts of the valve, the smoothness of the grease injection channel can only be guaranteed if they are completely good.
2.Maintenance and cleaning before installation.During pipeline installation, both sides of the valve shall be protected to prevent dust and debris from entering, which will adversely affect its sealing;When installing the valve, it is necessary to ensure that the inside of the pipeline is clean and in good sealing condition to avoid damage, which can greatly avoid internal leakage of the valve.
3.Correct maintenance operation.Strictly abide by the operating standards of the valve, and it is forbidden to operate the valve with multiple people,pay attention to the abnormal conditions of the valve, find out the causes and take effective strategies.
4.Regular maintenance.In the process of valve management and maintenance, the most important thing is that the prevention and maintenance strategy is true and effective, and the valves are inspected and maintained regularly. If any internal leakage is found, the valves need to be inspected and repaired in time to prevent the leakage from getting worse.