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Overhaul and maintenance of check valve in power plant

Posted by Bundor valve
The internal leakage of the check valve affects the normal operation of the system and poses a threat to equipment safety to a certain extent.In order to ensure the normal operation of the check valve, it should be regularly inspected and maintained.For example, during daily point inspection, it can check whether there is obvious pressure and flow loss on the main pipe through instrument metering.If necessary, open the insulation layer to measure the pipe temperature behind the closed check valve to determine whether there is internal leakage.For the valve with slight wear, it can be judged by listening to the stick to check whether there is a low sound of flowing water or a weak popping sound.

1.The check valve at the outlet of feed pump shall be disassembled and overhauled regularly, the valve components shall be cleaned, and the seals shall be replaced.The maintenance cycle can be shortened according to the specific conditions of the equipment.Avoid serious damage to the sealing surface of the check valve and failure to repair.
2.Strengthen the maintenance of feed water pump and improve the reliability of feed water pump.Strengthen maintenance and regular maintenance of equipment that may cause system failure to avoid frequent startup and shutdown of feed water pump as much as possible.
3.The management shall be strengthened when the water supply system pipeline is overhauled to prevent sundries from leaving or falling in the pipeline, especially during the maintenance of deaerator.
4.Check whether the installation position of check valve meets the specification and is reasonable.
5.Check whether the pipe supports and hangers are properly installed, whether they are loose or inclined, and how the vibration is in operation.Strengthen the regular inspection and maintenance of supports and hangers.