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The correct installation direction of the ball valve

Posted by Bundor valve
What is the direction of the water in and out of the ball valve? After the ball valve is installed on the pipeline, which side is the inlet and which side is the outlet? Does the ball valve flow? Should I consider the direction when installing? Recently, the editor of Bundor Valve has summarized some questions about the correct installation direction of the ball valve, and gave the following summary:
1. Look at the sealing method, the single-sealed ball valve has a direction, and the double-sealed ball valve has no direction.
2. O type ball valve has no direction; V type ball valve has direction.
3. The high temperature ball valve has direction.
4. Floating ball valve has double seal without direction, fixed type has single seal with direction.
Then there are the following questions:
How to distinguish whether the ball valve is one-way sealing or two-way sealing?
Answer: It is difficult to distinguish from the appearance, it depends on the internal structure of the ball valve.
How to distinguish whether the ball valve is floating or fixed?
Answer: It can be distinguished from the appearance. The floating ball valve body is divided into two parts with a flange connection in the middle; the fixed ball valve body is one piece, with a ball inside the valve body and a fixed shaft at the bottom.
Note: When we actually install and use, we must give priority to our own working conditions and choose the ball valve reasonably according to the working conditions. You need to consider the installation direction, the direction of the ball valve in and out, then use the ball valve marked with an arrow; if you do not need to consider the direction of the ball valve in and out , Just choose the ordinary two-way ball valve.
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