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Three Sphere Flexible Rubber Joint1
Three Sphere Flexible Rubber Joint1

Three Sphere Flexible Rubber Joint

【Size Range】: DN900

【Pressure】: PN10

【Body Materials】: EPDM

【Steel ring Materials】: Carbon Steel

【Flanged Materials】: Q235


Diameter range:DN900
Applicable pressure:PN10
Applicable temperature:-20~120℃ 
Suitable medium :Water,Air ,Oil
Body material:EPDM
Application fields: Municipal construction, water conservancy projects, electric power, water supply and drainage, water treatment, chemical industry etc.
Product advantages:
1. The flange is forged with JB / T 81-94 standard. No difference.
2. The rubber sphere is made of EPDM rubber. And the rubber content is more than 40%. It has the characteristics of tensile resistance, compression resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance.
3. It has a compression ring made of carbon steel. A steel cord is wound around the ball cord to increase the ball strength.
4. It has limit bolts to prevent the ball from pulling off.
5. Each product will be inspected for sphere appearance, hardness, air tightness, pressure resistance and flange pull-out prevention before leaving the factory. Unqualified products are strictly not allowed to leave the factory.
6. The flange is spray-treated. Spray thickness is greater than 250um, which can reduce the rust generated in humid environment by more than 70% and improve the anti-oxidation rate by more than 20%
7.Bundor brand products are underwritten by Pacific Insurance Company with a quality of 10 million yuan. The warranty is 2 years.Pay two back if one bad. We will compensate unconditionally for problems caused by the quality of the product itself.


Name 1-Flange 2-Body 3-Curtain Fabric 4-Steel Wire 5-Otic Placode 6-Limit Bolt 7-Nut
Material Q235 EPDM Nylon Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel


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